Summer projects face little opposition

Published 6:54 am Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The public had a chance to offer input on proposed Austin street projects Monday evening, and three residents accepted the opportunity.

The six projects, which would include work at locations throughout town, were all subject to public hearings at a city council meeting yesterday. They had all already received council approval.

The three concerned residents asked about timelines and logistics— such as parking and access during construction— before the council voted to seek bids on all projects.

The projects are all slated to begin and end sometime between May and October, with the total coming in at near $650,000. The projects will be paid for in part by assessments — costs charged by the city for work done adjacent to someone’s residence or business.

A complete list of assessed properties and total amounts is available from the city council. Effected businesses and residences have already received notice of their assessments.

The proposed projects involve street and, in some instances, gutter, curb and sidewalk work at the following locations:

11th Avenue Southwest, from Fourth Street to 12th Street

Highway 218 Service Drive, from Oakland Avenue East to Sixth Avenue Northeast, near the airport

Sixth Street Northwest from Oakland to Fourth Avenue; Sixth Street Southwest from First Avenue to Fourth Avenue

12th Avenue Northeast, from 17th Street to 21st Street. Near the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center

Second Street Northwest, from Oakland to Third Avenue

Fourth Avenue Southwest, from Eighth Street to 12th Street. Near the fairgrounds