Man charged with forgery had been deported

Published 6:34 am Thursday, March 25, 2010

An Albert Lea man who was deported 11 years ago was charged with three counts of felony forgery Tuesday in Mower County that stem from a weekend traffic stop.

According to a criminal complaint, Gustavo Becerra Hernandez, 31, was pulled over Sunday on Interstate Highway 90 near milepost 176 because his windows were covered heavily by frost, restricting his vision. The trooper asked Hernandez for identification, but he said he had no license and no other form of photo ID.

He did, however, verbally identify himself as “Miguel Carrizales-Lopez” and provide a credit card in the same name. With that name not listed as the registered owner of the vehicle, the trooper took Hernandez to the Mower County jail.

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There, authorities fingerprinted him, and the prints came back in the defendant’s true name. Records indicate that Hernandez had been fingerprinted in Freeborn County last October.

Asked about the discrepancy, Hernandez admitted that he had purchased the “Carrizales-Lopez” identification in Arizona and used it to obtain work at the Austin Packaging Company, as well as at Masterson Personnel in Rochester.

According to records, Hernandez was deported previously in January of 1999. If convicted on the new charges, he could again face deportation.