LETTER: What’s next, slots for tots?

Published 12:21 pm Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pawn:  One definition is “someone used to further another’s purpose.”

Let’s extend, apply these lines to the abuse of children.  As a starter, please inform the public, what is added to the esteem of an air traffic control person who brings his children up into the control tower of one of the nation’s busiest airports?

The “use” of children in advertising purposes seems to be trespassing on a child’s right to be a child.  Examples:  A pharmacy that uses radio ads to imply that a top-level employee will meet your child at the door with hugs; not like those other pharmacies where you have long walks from a big box store parking lot.

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Again, on radio you can hear a pitch for your grieving needs being met; a sweet melody as backdrop and the plaintive child’s voice, “Daddy, Daddy!”

What’s that all about?  The company is turning you to the cemetery.  You need a monument!

Or, a past legislator, Dick Day (Owatonna) and present politician, Dan Sparks (Austin), who are building support to expand the state’s gambling fever.  By the way, most studies indicate that gambling hurts the most vulnerable in our society.

And many of us regard excessive gambling as a moral issue.

But now the children enter in.  Expand opportunities for gambling (there is a short-fall in budgets of most cities and the state) by touching our heart strings!  Proceeds from gambling are to strengthen family values.  How?

New dollars will be available for childhood programs.

You’re kidding!

It’s time now to work on a tune.  It will accompany our song:  “Slots for Tots.”

Marv Repinski