Austin man sentenced for attempted break-in, threats

Published 10:40 am Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Austin man accused of following another man home, threatening him and trying to break into his residence was sentenced to 32 months in jail Friday, stayed five years.

Jeremy Paul Epperson, 28, also has to pay nearly $400 in court fees as part of his sentence. He had originally pleaded not guilty in September to all counts against him before amending his plea.

According to court records, Epperson and Sean David Bogren, 40, began following a 25-year-old man home from work early on Aug. 19 near Sixth Place and Second Street northwest.

The man told them he didn’t want problems, but the two continued to follow, approaching him near the Mayer Funeral Home parking lot. The man told Epperson and Bogren that he had no money, according to court documents.

When the man pulled out a cell phone, he was told that he’d be attacked if he called police. The man also pulled out a lighter, according to records, which the two attackers thought was a knife. They then began to run after the man.

The man approached his home on the 600 block of Second Street Northwest and yelled at his wife to let him in, but Bogren and Epperson were close by and he was unable to enter.

The man ran around the house, according to court records.

Bogren allegedly yelled at the man’s wife when she opened the door, telling her he had a knife and would take her “to Jesus,” court records show. The woman closed the door, but then Epperson opened the screen door and smashed the window of the interior door.

Police arrived at around 3 a.m. and spoke with the 25-year-old man, as well as Bogren and Epperson.

Epperson said the man had cut him south of the residence, but police were unable to locate blood in that area.

They did, however, locate a blood trail near the front door where the window was smashed. Epperson did have a large cut on his hand, according to records, and appeared intoxicated while speaking.

Bogren told police he and Epperson had left the bar and began following the man. He said he thought the man pulled a knife, but it could have been a lighter.

At that point, he said Epperson “went crazy” and chased the man. Bogren said he didn’t want to get in Epperson’s way and followed. Bogren also appeared drunk when speaking with police.

Bogren is scheduled for sentencing on Feb. 26 on a felony count of simple robbery after previously pleading guilty.