Astrup cousins living a busy life at Austin High

Published 7:17 pm Monday, December 7, 2009

Two Austin seniors have already learned that hard work is the path to success.

While Bobby Astrup and Laura Astrup are both heavily involved in sports, they also spend plenty of time on their school work and activities.

Bobby, who plays football, hockey and tennis, has eight athletic letters and Laura, who plays tennis and is on the dance team, has 10 athletic letters. Both are members of the National Honors Society and Habitat Humanity among many other clubs and activities.

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While all of their commitments lead to a busy life, it hasn’t slowed down either Bobby or Laura, who are first cousins. When he’s not participating in a sport or doing school work, Bobby usually finds himself hitting tennis balls or playing catch with his dad.

“Maybe it’s just because our family has the mentality that a busy life is a good life but the time you have off is almost boring,” Bobby said. “In college you’ll be busy plenty of the time, so you might as well start now. Life’s going to get that way anyway.”

Laura also finds herself hitting tennis balls or going to Austin High games when she

has spare time.

“I don’t really like to be bored and I’m usually doing something,” she said. “I don’t really like to just sit around.”

Both Astrups said competing in sports have been a huge part of high school life for them as they’re able to make close friends while staying active and busy.

“I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t play three sports,” Bobby said. “Sports are everything from my high school experience. I don’t know if I’d have as close a friends or be the same person as I am if it wasn’t for the sports I’m involved in.”

That attitude has made them fierce competitors on the field and Laura’s tennis coach Thomas Tauchnitz said she was a great leader and a great athlete as she made the All-Big Nine tennis team this past fall.

“One thing that sets Laura apart from a lot of athletes is she hates to lose,” Tauchnitz said. “She does everything in her power to not only win but lead others in there pursuant of excellence. She improves the athletes around her and that’s not taught or learned; that’s something your born with. Either you have it or you don’t and Laura has it. She’s a winner.”

Laura also brings a competitive attitude to the dance team, on which she has competed since she was an eighth grader. She is a captian on the team this year.

“As good as she is, she’s always open to suggestions to getting better,” Austin dance coach Jennifer Sims said. “She’s hard on herself and she’s quick to learn a new move and get it right.”

As for Bobby, Austin head boys hockey coach said that he’s an easy kid to coach and he’s had a big impact on the Austin hockey team.

“He’s a great kid to have on the team,” Peterson said. “He’s very coachable and he’s a great role model to the younger kids on the team and to the kids in the youth hockey program.”

Competing in sports give students the chance to learn through losing and earn the trust of teammates. Bobby and Laura both appreciate the impact athletics have had on their lives.

“It’s good to learn how to know to accept defeat in your life and move on,” Laura said. “Sports help you deal with ups and downs, and life challenges.”

While the stereotype of an athlete is a ‘dumb jock’, both Astrups are about as far as one can get from that definition. Bobby is planning on attending either Carlson School in the Twin Cities or St. Thomas and he hopes to major in Business in Marketing. Laura is planning on attending the University of Minnesota or Gustavus and she plans on majoring in Physical Therapy.

Bobby feels comfortable with athletes and the hard studying students at Austin High alike.

“It’s fun to be a part of both groups,” he said. “I think everyone should be in sports and student athletes are the best thing that can happen to a high school, because well rounded people make good sports teams and good test scores.”

Laura said her life is very balanced with sports and school.

“I really like being able to be in the top athletic group and be a smart person to,” she said. “You can relate to a lot more and your not just excluded into one group.”

Bobby, who was selected to the All-Big Nine football team this fall, is the son of Chris and Lynn, and Laura is the daughter of Dan and Becky.


Bobby Astrup, an Austin High School senior, is active in the following activities: football, hockey, tennis, DECA, National Honors Society, World Languages Club, Habitat for Humanities, Banfield Sock Hop, Tennis and Life Camp, NDSU football Camp, sand bagging after the flood, youth football camps, the Hy-Vee corn feed.

Laura Astrup, an Austin High School senior, is active in the following activities: tennis, dance team, National Honors Society, Youth Leadership, Youth Frontiers, Habitat for Humanity, Banfield Sock Hop, Tennis and Life Camp, Dance Camp in Brainerd, food shelf, and the Hy-Vee corn feed.