Target’s plan for a Starbucks pushed back

Published 6:44 am Friday, November 13, 2009

A plan to remodel and add a Starbucks to Austin’s Target has been pushed back as Target Corp. looks into how to best proceed with renovating its area stores.

Hadley Barrows, a communications specialist with Target Corp., said the plans to remodel the store have been delayed so the company can “create a comprehensive plan for remodeling stores in Minnesota and surrounding states.”

“Our current focus is on reinvesting significantly in our existing stores,” Barrows said. “This includes increasing our remodel program and modifying our merchandise assortment to ensure our selection is relevant for our guests.”

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While it’s possible, perhaps likely, that Austin’s Target will be one of the stores remodeled in the future, Barrows said it’s too early to set a time table concerning potential renovations to the store.

It is not known if a Starbucks would be added during any future renovations.

Target stores are typically remodeled about every 10 years based on how the store performs, Barrows said.

In a Feb. 3 Herald article, Jeremy Weidman, store team leader at Target in Austin, confirmed a new Starbucks coffee shop would be part of a remodeling project scheduled to begin this year.

“At this time it is still part of our remodeling project expected to begin in July,” Weidman said.

The plan was for the coffee shop to be located inside the store’s main entrance, which is now an in-house restaurant. The store’s existing Target Food Avenue concessions area planned will remain open.

On Oct. 29, Target announced the company’s decision to cut 85 marketing jobs.

According to the Associated Press, Target has been cutting staff and limiting inventory during the recession.

Hundreds of Starbucks stores, including the Starbucks in Albert Lea, have closed across the nation as the economy worsens.