Bent, Dent & More opens in Austin

Published 6:35 am Monday, November 30, 2009

Bent, Dent & More opened last week as a new location for area shoppers to get discounted products, and maybe even sell a few items as well.

“It’s more or less a variety store: We’ve got crafts, electrical goods, plenty of food,” said Roger Hannum, maintenance and sales manager at the store.

The front of the store resembles a dollar store with many discounted food items from chips to canned goods. An elevated balcony portion of the store includes gift items like glass figurines and vases.

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Bent, Dent & More is located in the old Himec building at 1901 4th St. N.W.

A back section of the store — in what used to be a loading dock — will feature larger items like new sinks and toilets, Hannum said. That portion of the store will also feature a craft section and an area for pet food and supplies.

A key feature of the back section will be a consignment area, where people can sell their items through the store.

Hannum stressed the store is not going to sell junk on consignment, but he said the store could accept items from furniture to pictures: “whatever they’ve got that’s respectable and they (the owners) think they can sell it,” he said.

The back will also include loading area to check both food and other items as they come in. Hannum said the products and consignment sales make for a store that’s unique to the Austin area.

“Everything we’ve got for sale right now — electrical or electronic — I’ve went through every single item, and it works. We’re not going to sell things that don’t work,” he said.

The products sold in the store come from all over. Many of the food items come from pallets discarded from stores and wholesalers because of dented cans. Other items are bought from a closing business, and some items are bought online, Hannum said.

Near a collection of sorted electronics, the store is also selling larger items like heaters, air compressors and knife sharpeners. Along with the craft section, there’s a section of fabrics.

People interested in selling items on consignment can call the store at 434-9185.