Makeshift shelter found near Cedar River

Published 10:11 am Friday, October 9, 2009

Austin fire and street departments have extinguished a campfire and dismantled what they believe was a makeshift shelter near the Cedar River.

Firefighters noticed smoke coming from behind the former Austin Vineyard church, 210 Fourth St. NE, on Thursday. They found the shelter in the woods next to the river. It included a sofa, pots and pans, a coat, pellet rifle, bike, a female’s library card and a male’s 2006-08 I.D. card for a Waterloo, Iowa high school. According to Police Chief Paul Philipp, officers could not locate any record of the individual in local schools or in Mower County.

Officials contacted Waterloo law enforcement, who said the individual from the I.D. card has not been reported as a runaway or missing. East High School in Waterloo confirmed he is registered there.

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Philipp said the street department disassembled the shelter and removed the sofa. He said people are not allowed to live on city property.

Officials are still searching for the individual, whose age is unknown.

“We’re keeping an eye out in that area, but so far we have not found anybody,” Philipp said.