Austin resident bought S.S. card for $1,000 to find work

Published 7:16 am Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Austin woman was charged Friday with felony forgery for allegedly using a San Antonio woman’s name to gain employment.

Salma Livier Hernandez, 19, faces two counts of aggravated forgery. She is in custody on $50,000 bail, or $5,000 with court conditions, and is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 22.

According to a court complaint, a 35-year-old Austin woman notified authorities that she believed Hernandez was using a false name to work and obtain welfare benefits.

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She said Hernandez went by “Nichol Hernandez” or “Natalie Hernandez” and that she worked at the Austin Packaging Company.

The APC personnel department confirmed that a “Natalie Nichol Hernandez” worked third shifts at the factory.

Authorities searched Natalie Hernandez’s Social Security number and learned that she had lived in San Antonio the past three years.

They also matched a photo from Salma Hernandez’s fraudulent Minnesota ID with an old school photo to confirm that it was her, the complaint states.

On Thursday, Salma Hernandez was interviewed at work.

She admitted that she used an alias and was not a citizen.

She said she had purchased a Social Security card for $1,000 and used the alias because she needed to find work.