Austin couple admit to forgery

Published 7:42 am Friday, October 9, 2009

An Austin couple charged with felony forgeries for using aliases to work while not reporting wages both pleaded guilty Thursday.

Leida Sebastian-Matacua, 22, and Juan Carlos Rubio, 29, await sentencing and are being held for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

They could face deportation.

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According to a court complaint, a detective in Stearns County first began investigating the two and notified Mower County authorities that he believed they resided at 507 First Ave. SW in Austin.

The detective said the two were being looked at in Stearns County for not reporting employment or wages and wrongfully receiving assistance.

Sebastian-Matacua was charged Aug. 25 in Stearns County for the alleged offense, which is a felony.

Austin Police Department Det. David McKichan went to 507 First Ave. on Sept. 14 to monitor the two.

The complaint states that the two were seen leaving in a sedan at around 6:30 a.m. The detective followed them to the Freeborn County-Iowa border and believed they were going to work in Northwood, Iowa.

McKichan checked Mower County Human Services records, which listed Sebastian-Matacua and Rubio as living with two small children at the Austin property. Records also indicated that a “Leonel Jose Molina,” which authorities believe is Rubio’s work alias, was the home’s source of income.

“Molina” was listed as working at Select Foods in Albert Lea as of January 2009.

The detective called the human resources department at Select Foods and was notified that “Molina” had worked there up until August.

A “Michelle Garcia,” which authorities believe is Sebastian-Matacua’s alias, had applied but was turned down, the complaint states.

On Sept. 28, when the two were again leaving their Austin residence in a sedan, McKichan stopped the car and served a search warrant.

Sebastian-Matacua and Rubio were both passengers, and they both indicated to the detective that they went by aliases as well as their given names.

The driver, Heriberto Torres, has a canceled license and has been cited seven times for driving without a license or driving after withdrawal since 2006, according to the complaint.

He was taken to jail, while two other passengers were identified and released.

Authorities later searched 507 First Ave. and discovered four other adults living at the residence. None of them have been charged in Mower County as of Wednesday.

A Mexican birth certificate in Rubio’s name was also found at the property.

The complaint does not indicate what type of assistance, if any, Rubio and Sebastian-Matacua received from Mower County Human Services.