LETTER: Seifert has the track record

Published 7:20 am Thursday, September 3, 2009

The race may be young, but the option seems to be clear. If the Republicans hope to retain the position of the governor from the Democrats, they need to run Marty Seifert against whomever it is they will be facing.

His track record is not only one of the best representations of true conservatism, it’s also one of the only ones that our governor should have. With Democrats controlling the house and senate, it comes down to the governor to keep them in check.

If the governor lets them push everything through, it will be like the presidency, where 1,000 page bills that increase the deficit three fold get through without much opposition.  Let’s be serious here, can Minnesota really take on that much more debt?

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And which representative in the house has the most experience ridding bills of pork?

Marty Seifert, the former minority leader, whose job it was to provide balance in the house, which is what our country and state thrives on, and what Marty Seifert will provide.

Ryan Lyk

Lino Lakes, Minn.