EDITORIAL: Primary turnout was scary low

Published 7:32 am Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The first-ever primary school board election for the Austin Public School District is in the books. Tuesday’s election narrowed the candidate field from eight down to six, with the general election Nov. 3.

We have a lot to do from now until then.

Our first priority as Austin residents should be to make sure the voter turnout is higher.

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For the primary, just less than 1,500 people turned out from a pool of 13,000 registered voters.

School officials were expecting a lower turnout for the primary than the general election, but the actual number was scary low.

We need to make sure we get out to the polls and make our choices known. Our schools, students, teachers and administrators are too important not to vote.

Also, learn as much about these candidates before going to the polls in November. Attend forums, ask them questions, and you can be sure we’ll do the same.

Before November, we’ll publish our endorsements, then it’s up to you, the voters, to do the rest.