Woman now charged with forgery as an adult

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Austin woman who originally was charged as a juvenile in a felony forgery case will face charges as an adult because of a change to her birthdate in records.

Brenda Gabriel Reynua, 18, will appear in court Aug. 6 on two counts of aggravated forgery in connection to a June 2 search of an Austin home. Reynua was charged as a juvenile in the case on June 8, but her birthdate has since switched from Oct. 27, 1991 to Oct. 27, 1990.

Assistant county attorney Jeremy Clinefelter said it was his understanding that Reynua insisted she was 18 during her juvenile hearing on July 6. Clinefelter said he did not know why the age was originally listed at 17.

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Reynua was home during the search of her 308 Ninth St. S.W. home in June. Officers uncovered a number of fraudulent documents being used for aliases, including Social Security cards, state ID cards and Quality Pork Processors work stubs.

Charges were filed initially against Brenda Reynua’s sisters, Gloria Lizeth Reynua, 21, and Martha Isela Reynua, 28, and her mother, Patricia Munoz-Rodriguez, 46.

Cesar Hernandez-Islas, 28, who is the boyfriend of Munoz-Rodriguez, was also charged later.