Local art winners announced

Published 9:52 am Friday, July 10, 2009

Austin Area Art Center at the Oak Park Mall have announced the winners of the recent Festival Art Show competition.

The City Purchase Award went to William Olson for his pencil sketch of the 1884 “Opera House,” the Schleudeer Opera House that was open on Main Street for two years in the late 1880s.

In the professional division, first place went to James

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Wegner for his watercolor, “Mower County Courthouse 1884;” second place went to Tammy Schneider for her sketch “Gone Forever: Austin Main Street 1920s;” third place went to Shirley Tapp for her oil painting “Fall in Minnesota;” and Bonnie Lee received honorable mention for her watercolor “Ye Olde Opera House.”

First place in the Pro-Am division went to James Murphy for “The Passage” digitally composed; second place went to Yvonne Jondal for “Southwest Vista” in watercolor; third place went to Rayna Gasteiger for “Soldier” mixed media; and honorable mention went to Rayna Gasteiger for

“Revolve” painted in oil.

In the Amateur division, Rich Campbell placed first with “Greenman (Fall)” composed in ceramic tile; Scott Richardson placed second with his “Thriller” oil painting; Lora Lee Bauer placed third with “Leo’s Perennial Fence” in watercolor; and Rich Campbell received honorable mention with “Talk” composed in mosaic.

The exhibit will remain on display until July 26 at the art center.

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