Austin McDonald’s to rebuild

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sitting on Oakland Avenue West since 1969, Austin’s first McDonald’s is set to be rebuilt.

The classic store known for the jumbo golden arches out front is scheduled to be rebuilt sometime in 2010, owner David Scherer said. He added that he didn’t know more details about the plan, like when construction would begin or whether the new building will stay in the old spot. Scherer did say he assumed the new building will be in the same spot.

McDonald’s corporate policy requires restaurants nearing 40 to rebuild, and Scherer is set to comply at his building, which has been in the family since his father opened it in 1969.

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Midwest McDonald’s spokesman Brian Gist said the company did not have further details on plans for the 1009 Oakland Ave. W location.

Scherer has owned the Oakland Avenue McDonald’s since 2002, which is also when he opened Austin’s second McDonald’s on 14th Street Northwest near Interstate 90.

But he said he’s been in the burger business since he was 15, when he helped his father clean around the store.

As to whether the soon-to-be-rebuilt McDonald’s will stay in the family, Scherer said he didn’t know.

“I haven’t thought that far out,” he said. “I just take things as they come.”