3 facing forgery charges

Published 10:15 am Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three people are facing felony forgery charges after a police search last week allegedly uncovered false IDs.

Gloria Lizeth Reynua, 21, along with her mother, Silvia Patricia Munoz-Rodriguez, 46, and sister, Martha Isela Reynua, 28, are facing multiple felonies following a June 2 search of 308 Ninth St. S.W. that uncovered multiple false IDs, including Social Security cards and work cards, according to court complaints.

Gloria Reynua appeared in court last Thursday on two felony counts of aggravated forgery for allegedly possessing a fraudulent U.S. Social Security card and Minnesota state ID. There are warrants out for the other two suspects.

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Munoz-Rodriguez also faces two counts of aggravated forgery, while Martha Reynua faces one count.

An attorney claiming to represent Martha Reynua contacted Austin police after the search and said he’d arrange for her surrender if a warrant was issued.

Both Gloria Reynua and her mother had the same Austin address listed; Martha Reynua has a Minneapolis address listed.

During the search, Gloria Reynua attempted to text message her sister, warning her in Spanish to get out. Gloria Reynua allegedly tried to hide the phone, but officers seized it.

Gloria Reynua’s boyfriend, a 31-year-old in custody for another case, allegedly told police he was a supervisor at Quality Pork Processors and knew his girlfriend worked there under an alias, according to court records.

During the search, police seized QPP pay stubs with aliases on them. Gloria Reynua allegedly admitted to using false names at work.

Police also found QPP pay stubs for Munoz-Rodriguez and her boyfriend that used aliases.

The mother’s boyfriend has not been charged.