LETTER: The worst way seems to be the one we’re going with

Published 10:07 am Monday, April 6, 2009

I knew my property taxes would increase, but, 25 percent! I must admit I didn’t pay close enough attention to all the discussion and proceedings involving the construction of a new justice center.

To say the least, I found them most confusing and too drawn out. I must say that I still favor an out-of-town facility. Better yet, would have been for Mower and Freeborn counties to have built a joint facility. Of all the suggestions as to how to respond to our questionable need for a new justice center, the worst seems to be what we are settling for. Destroying three blocks of our downtown, taking valuable property off the tax rolls makes little sense to me.

What makes the county commissioners believe that three blocks of a justice center will help revitalize our downtown. I am still wrestling with the realization that those who are working, or have retired after decades of work, will have to continue with these 25 percent tax increases to pay for those who would rather break the law than abide by it.

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Larry W. Andersen