LETTER: Austin drivers respectful

Published 9:24 am Friday, April 3, 2009

I was in Austin Thursday, March 26 to attend my Aunt Evelyn’s funeral. Generally when I’m in a funeral procession or respecting one that is going by I notice rude drivers racing to beat the procession or just plain disregard and disrespect by drivers and was expecting the worst. I was amazed in disbelief on how respectful the drivers in Austin were as the funeral processed to the cemetery.

Although it was a short journey from the church, every car we met pulled off to the side and gave us the right of way or waited patiently at the intersection as we passed. I noted gentlemen drivers taking their hats off and placing them over their hearts as the hearse drove by. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that before.

Vehicles that came to the street at the intersection, even though no traffic was coming from the opposite way and could have easily turned onto the street, instead stayed put being respectful. I wanted to commend those drivers and even pedestrians, and let them know they needed some praise for their manners.

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This kind of respect is lost in many towns and cities and shows the values and acts of kindness the citizens of Austin maintain. Again I thank them. This respect means so much to the family and friends of my Aunt. Continue and know its small gestures like this that maybe you think nothing of, yet make the biggest impressions.

Jerry Balek

Newton, Iowa