LETTER: Editorial page looked like propoganda

Published 10:28 am Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The editorial page of Sunday’s Herald was a propaganda page for embryonic stem-cell research. The cartoon gives the impression that science has been locked up for years, but the truth is every administration gives billions of dollars to scientific research and has for years.

The column by Steve and Cokie Roberts continues the theme equally distorting the truth. The impression is given that only embryonic stem-cell research will give us the medical cures all of us want. The truth is that there have been billions of dollars spent on that type of stem-cell research with no positive results — none world-wide as far as I have read. Could there possibly be successful research in this area? Of course. Has there been? No.

Other kinds of stem-cell research, and there are other kinds, have been extremely successful in helping patients with various diseases. Adult stem-cell, ambiotic fluid, and many other types of stem-cell research have had hundreds of successes. The question is why spend so much money on embryonic stem-cell research? Scientific logic would say spend the money on the kinds that have proven scientifically to be useful.

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Steve DeFor