We’re proud of our businesses

Published 9:40 am Friday, February 27, 2009

Local business owners are an important part of a community. They provide jobs, good and services, and many of them give back through their time or money whenever they are able to.

On Thursday night at the annual banquet and awards ceremony hosted by the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce, several individuals and businesses were honored for their contributions to the Austin area.

Rightfully so.

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Business of the Year honors went to Davis, Thoen, Kramer and Associates-Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.; Wal-Mart was named New Business of the Year; while The Hormel Institute-University of Minnesota was named Project of the Year.

These three winners are assets to our community, as are all of this year’s 12 nominees, as well as the other individuals who received recognition Thursday.

Without them and the Austin Area Chamber of Commerce, Austin wouldn’t be the town it is today, a place we are proud to call home.