Lansing/Austin annexation needs state approval

Published 10:22 am Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 338-acre annexation of Lansing Township into the City of Austin could be underway within 30 days.

The city council approved the agreement Jan. 5, and the Lansing Township Board approved it Jan. 7. The agreement will be submitted to the state to await approval.

City engineer Jon Erichson gave a report about the annexation to the council Tuesday night.

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A “lengthy” part of the process will be the sanitary sewer, he anticipates.

The upcoming steps for annexation include: typography to establish control points; hire of an engineering consultant for the sewer; council approval for a feasibility study; neighborhood meetings; improvement hearings; accepting of bids in July; assessment hearings in August; and awarding of bids in September.

Construction would begin in fall 2009 and continue into 2010.

Other issues, like house addresses and emergency services, will also be addressed in coming months.

The annexation may mean a petition process for rezoning for property owners; for example, some businesses will now be located in residential zones.

“It’s a major annexation,” Erichson said. “It’s a big project, and it’s a big undertaking.”