John Marshall tops Austin swim team

Published 1:37 am Friday, January 23, 2009

The Austin boy swimming and diving team fell to John Marshall 96-87 at Ellis Middle School Thursday.

The 200-medley relay team of Michael Thorsheim, Jordan Stasi, Jaceb Crews, and Eric Lenway took first, Stasi took first in the 200-individual medley, Crews took first in the 50-freestyle and the 100-freestyle.

200 medley relay: Michael Thorsheim, Jordan Stasi, Jaceb Crews, Eric Lenway (first, 1:51.74); Tucker Besel, Jordan Klein, Vinny Askelson, Zach Rausch (third, 1:56.79); Nick Carlson, Gabe Franta, Dan Collier, Jordan Bentley (fourth, 2:04.11)

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200 freestyle: Matt Sims (third, 2:08.26); Ian Thatcher (fourth, 2:09.93)

200 Indiv. Medley: Jordan Stasi (first, 2:16.49); Michael Thorsheim (third, 2:20.36); Tucker Besel (fourth, 2:34.06)

50-freestyle: Jaceb Crews (first, 23.69); Eric Lenway (third, 25.27); Dan Collier (fifth, 27.52)

Diving: Caleb Bentley (third, 155.35); Alex Anderson (fourth, 108.75)

100-butterfly: Vinny Askelson (third, 1:06.33); Jordan Klein (fourth, 1:14.89); Dan Collier (fifth, 1:21.99)

100-freestyle: Jaceb Crews (first, 52.16); Zach Rausch (third, 53.82); Eric Lenway (fourth, 55.60)

500-freestyle: Michael Thorshiem (second, 5:36.08); Nick Brehmer (fourth, 5:49.98); Matt Sims (fifth, 6:02.86)

200-freestyle relay: Jaceb Crews, Nick Brehmer, Jordan Stasi, Eric Lenway (second, 1:37.65); Dan Collier, Ian Thatcher, Jordan Bentley, Matt Sims (third, 1:47.75); Vinny Askelson, Jordan Klein, Jacob Bentley, Jacob Carol (fourth, 1:53.68)

100-backstroke: Zach Rausch (third, 1:07.76); Tucker Besel (fifth, 1:08.17); Nick Carlson (sixth, 1:11.83)

100-breastroke: Jordan Stasi (second, 1:11.48); Jordan Klein (third, 1:14.79); Gabe Franta (fifth, 1:20.65)

400-freestyle relay: Zach Rausch, Nick Brehmer, Tucker Besel, Matt Sims (third, 3:47.59); Michael Thorsheim, Jordan Bentley, Jacob Carrol, Ian Thatcher (fourth, 4:01.4); Joe Johnson, Nick Carlson, Joe Gerber, Jacob Bentley (fifth, 4:23.47)