LETTER: Stand up for our firefighters

Published 10:39 am Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Does anyone else in Austin feel betrayed by our wonderful city council again?

I thought that this was all said and done with eight months ago. Now, we are told, that in a closed meeting, where no names nor how they voted would ever be public knowledge, it has been decided that the fire department would once again be a “part-time gig.” Does this mean that no one has to answer for such an irresponsible decision? How easy to say that it’s not a punishment being handed down.

Your actions speak otherwise. Wake up. It’s not the firefighters being punished, it’s every citizen who will pay the price. Is this Russian roulette with fires and automobile accidents? Response time will be dramatically delayed and why? Who has what to prove on the city council. Or is it simply an abuse of power? Seems rather underhanded to me to announce this days before Christmas, and it takes effect in a week? Once again, shame on you, all of you. All I can say in good conscience is that none of you received my vote, and never will. Austin, we need to stand up for ourselves because obviously no one on the city council will. How many signatures on a petition will it take? I don’t think I’m the only one with these concerns.

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Please Austinites, we need to band together and stand up for our firefighters and our right to have a 24 hour staffed house.

Ginger Gave