LETTER: It’s time to move on

Published 10:40 am Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The recount is over, and Senator Coleman has prevailed. It’s time to put the election behind us, get beyond the partisan posturing and move forward with helping the citizens of this state.

In this time of great economic uncertainty, we cannot afford to prolong the outcome of the election and delay the seating of our United States senator. Neither our state nor our country can afford to delay the momentous work that lies before our elected officials.

Minnesota has one of the greatest health care traditions in this country. The innovative developments of Minnesota companies have led the nation in ingenuity and continue to make much needed improvements to our health care system. We can ill-afford to stymie that commitment to creativity by getting side-tracked by a long drawn-out legal battle which does nothing but waste taxpayer dollars.

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There is a possibility of real health care reform occurring this coming year, as it will be one of the top priorities on the agenda of Congress in January. We cannot afford to waste a single day without full representation in Washington, for the welfare of our citizens and the businesses of Minnesota.

The time for campaigning has come and gone. It’s time to move on to the critical issues facing our nation. Reforming our health care system and working to resolve the problems of the uninsured is too important to take a back seat to an effort to change the will of the voters and the outcome of a Senate race.

Tim J. Gallagher