Line up for mark downs

Published 10:16 am Friday, November 28, 2008

The race was on Friday morning as stores in Austin and around the country opened early so shoppers could get a less expensive jump on their Christmas shopping.

Despite Black Friday coming with a certain amount of fear from the economic downturn, the shoppers showed up en masse to get the deals stores were offering on hot items such as TVs, gaming platforms and electronics.

Target saw a line that stretched down the lane of stores to Staples, which had its own sizable line, and talk from shoppers in line spoke of equally busy tours at Shopko and Wal-Mart.

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“This is exciting,” said Target store manager Jeremy Weidman just minutes before doors opened. “It looks like a lot of people and that’s exciting. I think a lot of retailers did a great job in getting deals out there.”

Lines began forming early showing an indication that despite a tightening of the budget, shoppers were still willing to get out and get the deals.

“We talked to the kids and told them that we were going to cut back a little this year,” said Angie Klein who with her son, Jordan, were the first people in line. “It’s just not knowing.”

But to Klein and other shoppers it was worth it.

“This was a really good idea,” she said. “We’re able to add a couple things that were on the children’s list.”