LETTER: Campaign went on too long

Published 1:49 pm Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dr. Stephen DeFor’s letter in Tuesday’s Herald was right on the money.  He voiced many of the same things I’ve been feeling throughout this interminable election process.  There should be no need for the campaign process to last more than six months at the very most — six weeks would be better.  The longer the process goes on, the dirtier it gets and no one cares any more about the real issues.  As to the billions of dollars spent — I can only say “shame on you.”   No matter where these dollars come from, they can be put to far better use.  No wonder countries around the world look at the U.S. as greedy, decadent ugly Americans.

I also agree with Dr. DeFor in that no matter what the common people think, nothing is going to change and it very likely will only get worse.  What is it going to take to change the election process to make it meaningful again?

Milly Burroughs

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