Area fun facts with Lee Bonorden

Published 10:54 am Thursday, November 13, 2008

David Letterman has fun with facts.

Why can’t we?

The official flower of Mower County is the dandelion, which is also used for making wine.

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The original “bridge to nowhere” led people into Sargeant.

When one man is found sitting on a stool at the bar at Adams Legion Post No. 146, it’s called a sad sight. When two are found sitting on stools at the bar it’s called a support group.

The official motto of Taopi is “Drill baby, drill.”

Inside every man over 40 in Brownsdale is a man under 40 wondering what he’s doing there.

Tom Mullenbach was the first person in Adams to recognize that a day without sunshine is like night.

The Mower County Board of Commissioners defeated a proposal for a new way to pay for government services, when the so-called “Rob Peter To Pay Paul” motion lost by a 3-2 vote.

Santa Claus has never been to Renova.

More men than women wiggle when leaving Marshal Lutheran Church on communion Sundays.

Hormel Foods Corp. still makes the best wieners in the world. The U.S. Congress has the most weenies.

Few people know that Ray Tucker, a Mower County commissioner, spends most of his leisure time researching the speed of dark.

LeRoy Mayor Ed Koppen invented the Internet, but couldn’t find a place to plug it in.

Taopi Mayor and Adams City Clerk Jim Kiefer has been Googled more than Paris Hilton.

While vacationing at Sea World, Austin Council Member Brian McAlister brought a fish sandwich with him and was thrown out while eating it.

Clayton Township claims Grand Meadow Township is windy.

The entire community of Lyle was found to be lacking fiber in their diet.

No famous people are from Elkton.

The village of Waltham sits atop the world’s largest supply of used refrigerators.

The Austin City Council once banned walking pet chickens early in the morning.

Before he became President-elect, Barack Obama was once refused service at Bubbles’ Cafe for having ears considered too big.

Senator John McCain was pulled over by Adams Police Chief Gordie Briggs for being in the company of two under-age females who were later found to be his wife and Sarah Palin.

Half the people in Dexter are below average, but they don’t know it. Dick Cummings, the dean of the Mower County Board of Commissioners, is afraid of being scared half to death twice.