Letter: Now it’s more than $35 million

Published 11:32 am Monday, September 8, 2008

I won’t ask for a revolution. I think we need a revelation. Maybe the city needs a reformation. Many of us back our county commissioners on difficult decisions. But!

On tax dollars, some questions. At a commissioners’ meeting a few months ago, I asked for a cap or limit to be put on the downtown government center project.

I was turned down! No vote would be considered.  Why?  It honors the voice of the residents to put a ceiling on what is spent of our money.

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When building something, don’t most of us ask the builder, “How much will it cost?” With an honest answer, we say, “Go ahead, you’re on!” Many of us have raised money, consulted architects, arranged specs and had discussions on projects.

Before we build, we present any needs, get the proper bids, compare, know what we need, what money is available and agree on a top dollar. We say, “state your offer on what we need, give us some firm figures, put it in print, give us a legally binding contract, or there’s the door.” Of course, we can negotiate, but within limits. A question:  Who is “riding herd” on this — the citizens’ money?  Commissioners — why hasn’t that approach worked in Austin?

Marvin Repinski