Austin swim team falls to Century

Published 12:22 am Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Austin girls swim team fell to Century 95-70 in Rochester Tuesday.

The 400-freestyle relay team of Helen Heimark, Kendyl Losee, Lindsay Halsey, and Brooke Johnson took first for Austin.


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200-medley relay: Brooke Johnson, Kelli Bednar, Averi Splinter, Jacqi Srock (second, 2:00.22); Tori Grev, Audrey DeVries, Lauren Edwards, Ingrid Baudler (fourth, 2:16.3)

200-freestyle: Helen Heimark (second, 2:14.62); Kendyl Losee (fourth, 2:16.63); Lindsay Halsey (fifth, 2:19.18)

200-indiv. medley: Kelli Bednar (second, 2:37.28); Brooke Johnson (fourth, 2:41.34); Meredith Fritz (fifth, 2:46.29)

50-freestyle: Averi Splinter (second, 26.13); Hannah Thompson (fifth, 29.13); Jacqi Srock (sixth, 29.16)

100-butterfly: Averi Splinter (second, 1:04.27); Kendyl Losee (third, 1:11.02); Lauren Edwards (fifth, 1:15.09)

100-freestyle: Jacqi Srock (third, 1:02.28); Morgan Aker (fifth, 1:04.35); Ingrid Baudler (sixth, 1:06.63)

500-freestyle: Helen Heimark (third, 6:04.56); Amanda Zahradnik (fourth, 6:13.91); Meredith Fritz (fifth, 6:20.88)

200-freestyle relay: Averi Splinter, Kelli Bednar, Jacqi Srock, Helen Heimark (second, 1:50.85); Hannah Thompson, Lauren Edwards, Ashley Wilson, Kendyl Losee (third, 1:57.07); Morgan Aker, A.Smith, Molly Maschka, Ingrid Baudler (fifth, 2:00.78)

100-backstroke: Brooke Johnson (third, 1:07.24); Lindsay Halsey (fifth, 1:13.33); Jenna Baker (sixth, 1:19.80)

100-breaststroke: Emily Johnson (second, 1:20.11); Audrey DeVries (third, 1:20.79)

400-freestyle: Helen Heimark, Kendyl Losee, Lindsay Halsey, Brooke Johnson (first, 4:11.46); Hannah Thompson, Ingrid Baudler, Amanda Zahradnik, Audrey DeVries (second, 4:27.92)