Letter: Thank you for the ‘housewarming’ party

Published 10:24 am Thursday, August 7, 2008

I would like to express my gratitude to the First Congregational Church of Austin for planning and carrying out the fantastic housewarming party at the Michael H. Seibel Visitation and Exchange Center on Aug. 3, 2008 as well as thank you to all of those who attended the event. The Seibel Center could not have gotten to where it is today with out the hard work of its community members and professionals. To have the First Congregational Church volunteer to do a project like this and for it to be as successful as it was, shows that Austin is willing to invest into the community for a brighter future. We appreciate all that has been done and every one who has taken part to this point. We look forward to more community events and fundraisers in the future, which will play a vital part to the center’s success. The time and energy from the community is much appreciated and thank you again.

Heather Steinkamp

Director, Michael H. Seibel Visitation and Exchange Center

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