Now is not the time to judge

Published 10:25 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Six people were involved in a one-vehicle crash on County Road 34 — the road where Dale Wangen was killed during the flood — Sunday morning, the first of two accidents on the same highway that day.

As of Tuesday morning, one woman has been confirmed dead and another is currently in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle drove around a barricade, which may or may not have been moved by the vehicle’s occupants.

Now is not the time to be pointing fingers. Accusations have been frequent on local and statewide media’s Web sites. There are families who are hurting during this difficult time, and the insensitive remarks are extremely disrespectful.

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What are these people thinking, posting comments publicly, where everyone can see them? Think before you post: keep the insults and judgments to yourselves.