Letter: ‘Ticked off’ by Lansing Township Board

Published 7:34 am Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am one of those residents that is affected by whatever comes of the mediation. I am a bit ticked off by the Lansing Township Board. Mr. Persinger stood up in front of all that attended the meeting and stated “I represent the Lansing Board and we will not stand in your way.” So much for his word! Now either way since the township has managed to drag this out — materials, hourly wages, gas and everything involved will be at the cost of today — not 2007.

Now we go to mediation? Who is paying for all of this? I personally hope Mr. Persinger and the rest of the board members of Lansing Township can answer these questions as the impending fines for some property owners gets closer and closer. Does the township care about the water and land being polluted be these systems, I do not believe they care in anything but the all mighty green dollar, after all it is about the taxes we pay the township to stand up in front of us and lie, not the danger of contamination of wells, land and rivers. They have been dragging this out for three years now, at least with mediation there will be an end at some point and cost.

Very upset with being lied to,

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M.R. Krachmer

Lansing Township