Letter: Stutzman announces candidacy

Published 10:21 am Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Committee to Elect Kathy Stutzman for Mower County Commissioner is pleased to announce Stutzman’s candidacy as county commissioner for District 1. As a 19-year resident and homeowner in Mower County, Stutzman is proud of the quality of life that our community offers. Her visionary and thoughtful leadership has added to that quality of life. Kathy Stutzman knows that there are challenges ahead and her forward thinking, systemic problem-solving and consensus building will help to move Mower County forward. She will advocate for long-range planning and increased opportunities for citizen involvement so that Mower County can be responsive to the changes and challenges that lie ahead. She is committed to listening and researching the issues to make informed decisions. Kathy Stutzman will be a hard-working, responsive county commissioner. With her recognized and responsive leadership, working together, we can move forward in Mower County. To contact Kathy Stutzman with questions or concerns, please call (507)437-6927 or e-mail her at kathy.stutzman@yahoo.com.

Committee to Elect Kathy Stuzman for Mower County Commissioner

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