Letter: It takes what to raise a child?

Published 10:46 am Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There is a famous cliché about the development of the individuals that start as our kids, learn, grow and change without our seeing over time, to wander into the world and make their way. Doing as we all hope well for ourselves and well for others along the way. Every parent, Teacher, Clergyman, Friend and Elder has felt this, observed the metamorphosis and a few of us will take the time to blow a horn about it. To all who wish they had stated these feelings I offer my sentiments as an adjunct to your unvoiced tribute.

I tell all of you who could not be easily named “Thank You” for all you have done. I have been fortunate to see my daughters grow into exceptional young women and have been graced with the tolerance of their circles of friends, neighbors and this city to show all of our family a path through our lives that has given so much to me in the fruition of my pride in my children.

I rant in this way not to give excess praise for the life which most all of us would hope to provide to all of our family and people we work and live with but to remember to say things to all who are a part of our need to grow the future that gives us all pride.

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I Thank you, the wonder of this community that helped me to raise our children.

David M. Chao