Letter: DCD Special Education Prom a success

Published 2:53 pm Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It is a pleasure to report that the 8th Annual DCD Special Education Prom held on May 15, 2008 in Jenning’s Hall was a huge success!

The prom was created by retired Special Education teacher Connie Boes, to be a socially age-appropriate learning experience that would be the culminating activity of the school year for the developmentally and cognitively delayed students. It was designed to highlight each student’s progress toward their personal goals. It was viewed as a preparation and confidence builder for those that might eventually attend the main prom, or some other formal, social event in their lives.

This year, 33 students with special needs attended, accompanied by 75 of their general education school mates who provided support, served as role models, and interacted greatly to make the day truly “special” for all in attendance.

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Although now retired, Connie Boes left an indelible mark on the Austin High School Special Education program with her vision of providing much needed age-appropriate, natural learning environments where the students can practice the social and life skills most of us take for granted. Sincere thanks go out to her and so many people in Austin who came forward and pitched in to make sure this event remained a reality.

Thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who made donations and helped in other ways to make this a successful event.

A special salute of thanks, admiration and appreciation to Connie Boes, for providing a detailed direction to be followed, for how to best educate and support our DCD students at the high School level.

It was an honor to be associated with such an inspiring event, which is so beneficial to us all!

Mary Barinka