City, county meet on LEC remodel

Published 11:32 am Tuesday, May 6, 2008

City officials are preparing to speak with the county and its engineering firm this Wednesday to help direct law enforcement center improvements, according to Austin city administrator Jim Hurm.

Hurm said he, Mayor Tom Stiehm, Austin Police Captain Paul Philipp and several other staff members will consult with KKE Engineering to flesh out renovation priorities for police and a portion of dispatch with due dilgence for the $1.6 million budget cap.

“I told the county that I don’t think there is going to be another nickel available for this,” Stiehm said. “And they weren’t pushing for money. I think we’re all under the same understanding.”

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The renovation is slice of a $32 million jail and justice center project slated for construction next year. Both the city and county will contribute $800,000 of additional funding to the law enforcement center.

According to Hurm, the city will meet twice with KKE before the county board reviews renovation plans next week.

“It’s a short time period,” he said.

The city is currently engrossed in acquisition and site preparation of the two downtown blocks to house the jail and justice center. With a budget of just over $4 million, officials hope to complete purchase, relocation and demolition plans by the end of this year.