Blooming Prairie will graduate 58 Sunday

Published 2:01 pm Thursday, May 29, 2008

Somewhere some one is humming the melody of “Mrs. Robinson.”

It’s just the Simon and Garfunkel song from the Dustin Hoffman coming-of-age moive and bears no resemblance to the “Fanfare” by Elgar/Ploylhar processional and recessional music heard at high school commencements everywhere this spring.

At least not among the high school graduates from area high schools.

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Here are some glimpses of crent commencements:

Blooming Prairie High School graduates 58 seniors Sunday, June 1.

Mary Worke, counselor, will introduce commencement speakers: valedictorian Kristin Wanous and salutatorian Sarah Maus.

The senior class chose “My Wish” by Rascal Flats as their class song.

The class motto was “Faces of old and faces of new, people we know and people we knew. Growing together then drifting apart, always an ending, but now a new start.” Their class flower is the daisy and class color is silver.

Worke will join Blooming Prairie school board members Jeff McCabe and Rodney Krell in presenting diplomas to the graduates.

The graduates include: Emily Allison, Benjamin Anderson, Nicole Block, Colin Campbell, Abraham Cuevas, Megan DeBoer, Todd Decker, Beau Dodge, Courtney Driessen, Nicholas Georgou, Jared Haagen, Autumn Hamberg, Mathew Harber, Brandon Hamberschild, Elinor Herdina, Elizabeth Hillson, Hillary Himle-Espinoza, Lance Johnson, Emily Kahnke, Ariane Gol, Justin Krell, Trevor Kruckeberg, Tyler Kruckeberg, Danielle Leek, Sarah Maus, Jessica Maasching, Brandon McCabe, Collin McDonald, Jennifer Miller, Christine Nicholson, Patrick O’Connor, Brittany Peterson, Cody Poshusta-Schmitz, Zachary Ribbe, Michael Romeo, Chelsea Rowland, Patrick Rumpaza, Blaine Schewe, Cody Schmeling, Kyle Severtson, Allison Seymour, Kimberly Sherva, Ashley Skala, Natasha Smith, Nicole Stanley, John Sterzel, Carlan Strand, Felipe Suarez, Mary-Rose Sucharek, Mark Trom, Adam Trotman, Allan Trotman, Jacob Vogt, Kristina Wanous, David White, Kallie Willimson, Patrick Zak and Kenna Zvorak.