Volunteer work helps coworkers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 14, 2003

It's sometimes hard for employees within a department to come together as a team during working hours.

But to continue teamwork after hours as well demonstrates a quality team of coworkers.

The meat products division at Hormel Foods is doing just that.

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As a team-building project, they decided to volunteer once a week somewhere after working hours.

They picked Freeborn/Mower County Habitat for Humanity as their cause and are helping build a house for an Austin family every Friday in June.

This past Friday, about 15 from the department came out to help put up insulation and cut openings for windows.

Many of them had never worked with Habitat previously, but decided to give it a try in order to give back to the community -- and make their team a little stronger.

The family is appreciative of their help and so are regular Habitat volunteers. And the Hormel employees let them know they appreciate the work of the family and volunteers with a cookout each Friday evening.

We admire this department for coming together for a cause that takes spare time away from their busy schedules, but gives back to the community and builds stronger relationships within their department.