Mayor earns leadership spot with league

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 26, 2003

Mayor Bonnie Rietz was elected second vice president of the League of Minnesota Cities at a conference last week.

She assumed the position immediately upon election and will serve a one year, four month term. In that position, she will be involved with the executive committee, going over the organization's policies and agendas.

As second vice president, Rietz is in line to move up to first vice president spot next year. After that, pending reelection as the mayor of Austin, she will assume the role of president.

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Rietz said being active in the league is an important part of her job as mayor.

"I think it is so important when you are an official in a city to be involved and be aware of what's going on at the state level," she said.

The League of Minnesota Cities is an organization comprising over 800 towns in the state. It helps inform and advise city officials on a broad range of issues such as insurance, legal affairs and human resources issues.

Rietz said she and other officials at city hall use the league's services regularly.

Rietz should not have much trouble learning how to handle the duties of her new position. She is already a high-ranking member of another state-wide organization, the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities. Rietz is the first vice president of that group, which lobbies the state legislature on issues concerning greater Minnesota.

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