#039;U#039; doing right with new rules

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 9, 2003

University of Minnesota officials are doing right by clamping down on students who choose chaos as their avenue of celebration.

U President Robert Bruininks is expected to give a new anti-riot policy to the university's regents next month.

Many of the students caught during the riots have been charged with conduct-code violations and will be disciplined through the student judicial system.

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But Bruininks' new plan takes it a step further. Expulsion and suspensions are on the list for raucous revelers. Also, students who encourage rioters could be disciplined as well.

The university's regents have said they will support the policy, in part, because they've had enough.

Enough of the violence. Enough about the school's reputation being tarnished.

We applaud Bruininks for leading the cause by saying "enough is enough." Those who cause destruction during what is supposed to be a festive occasion aren't celebrating. They're criminals.

Maybe they'll get the appropriate schooling in the game of life by spending a a few weeks or months behind bars. We hope so.