Students perform stations

Published 12:00 am Thursday, April 17, 2003

The path of Christ to the cross came alive visually and musically Wednesday night at Saint Augustine church.

A performance of the living stations of the cross by Austin junior high and high school students drew a reverent audience filling about two-thirds of the church.

Actors shoved, cried, pleaded and bore their sufferings through various scenes of the crucifixion as a narrator gave them voices. At times, their actions were choreographed, and musical selections from Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell as well as some contemporary Christian artists like Mark Schultz provided the emotional backdrop to their motions.

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"It makes it seem more real," Alice Duffy-Meyer, an organizer for the show, said. "The kids, especially the little kids, are really glued to it when we nail Jesus on the cross."

The actual nailing onto the cross took place behind a curtain. A floodlight threw a shadow of the scene onto the cloth for the audience to see.

Jack Anderson, a junior at Austin High School, played the part of Jesus. He said he worked hard to make it a true portrayal. For example, he had to concentrate on taking slow, heavy footsteps to make the cardboard cross seem as heavy as wooden beams.

"I wanted to play it accurately and try and show the reverence," he said.

He said the music was an important part of the performance.

"It shows more emotion in what's happening than we can show acting it out," he said.

This was the sixth year students have acted out the stations of the cross. Duffy-Meyer said she was proud of the way they performed. They took the show very seriously, and she thought the actions were a sort of prayer for them.

Alex Rausch, a seventh grader at Ellis Middle School, played Mary and a weeping woman. She said the experience was valuable.

"It feels very good to be part of the church and do stuff to help young kids realize Jesus died for us," she said.

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