New bakery offers Mexican pastries

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 13, 2003

A new store with a Mexican twist, or more accurately, Mexican dinner rolls, has opened for business in Austin.

Alicia Panaderia, a Mexican bakery and cake shop, opened Sunday at 1017 Second Avenue NE.

The owners, Jose Luis and Alicia Torres, are the first people in Austin to sell Mexican pastries. This, Jose said, makes the store unique.

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"Compared to an American bakery, (the pastries) are more flavorful," Jose said. "Also, there's a lot more variety than in an American bakery."

Torres personal favorite is the conchas, a sweet bread covered with a thick, sugary layer. Other traditional wares are three-milk cakes and panbolillo, a sort of Mexican dinner roll.

The Torres family comes from Cuautla Morelos, Mexico, which is about two hours south of Mexico City. Jose first came to Austin two years ago to check out the facility and decided whether he and his family should purchase it. They moved to Austin two weeks ago.

Despite the challenges of working in unfamiliar surroundings, Jose said that business has been good.

"It's been perfect," he said. "People have been responding very well."

His surroundings may be unknown, but his profession is not. Jose has been around the baking business his entire life.

"I'm continuing on," Jose said. "My father used to be a baker and also my grandfather."

While the pastries will inspire memories of home for Mexican immigrants in Austin, Jose said that he welcomes Hispanic and non-Hispanic patrons alike and has posted advertisements for Alicia Panaderia in both English and Spanish.

Editor's note: Alma Cotter, Program Assistant Interpreter at the Austin Welcome Center translated for this interview.

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