Echo bowlers picking up the pace

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The high score pace picked up during last week's league competition. Brian Bushlack reappears as a weekly leader by rolling a 767 in the strong Saturday night Splits league. High totals are no stranger to Brian, as he has had prior sanctioned 800s. He is also the longstanding City Association Secretary/-Treasurer over the last decade.

Larry Eikmeier did something that not many bowlers have done all year. He rolled two 700s in the same week, starting with a 722 series and finishing up with a 703. Franklin Voeltz knocked down the high game of 289 in the 19th Hole league to lead all bowlers for the week. Dennis Olund topped the senior men with a 595 series while Richard Wilmert had the senior high game of 235.

The WIBC division was topped last week by Bert Jochumsen. While rolling in the Wednesday Echo Majors, she tallied a high total of 615. Lori Olund had the divisions high game of 238 in her 608 series while bowling in the Happy Hour league.

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Eunice Benson topped the senior ladies by scoring a 525 total while Dar Benson had the senior high game of 202.

The 1300 Club tournament was held on March 1 and two shift winners came out on top. In the first shift teammates were by luck of the draw. Lucky for Jeneielle Soucek, because she drew the hot name of Joe Tabor. Joe rolled a 298 game to help add to the couples' winning total.

The second set allowed the bowlers to choose their own partners. Mike Matyas rolled a 700 and teamed up with Sara Wesely's 612 actual, along with 135 pins handicap, for her 747 total. Kevin Sellers had the event's high actual series of 710.

There were a total of 15 couples entered in the first set and 18 couples in the second. The next house tournament will be held on March 30. It will be a Scotch Doubles four-game format. Averages will not be required as the handicap will be figured on one of the games.

The Week's Best:

ABC series -- Brian Bushlack 767, Larry Eikmeier 722-703, Corey Boyce 711, Joe Tabor 710, Ryan Peteterson 696.

ABC games -- Franklin Voeltz 289, Lon Prizler 277, Larry Eikmeier 277, Steve James 273, Brian Bushlack 268.

WIBC series -- Bert Jochumsen 615, Lori Olund 608, Judy Juncker 590, Marilyn Cochlin 567, Brenda Kirchner 566, Sue Stoltenberg 566.

WIBC games -- Lori Olund 238, Judy Juncker 235, Cheri Brady 227, Bert Jochumsen 227, Pam Hillemeier 224.