SPAM celebration entertains hundreds

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 18, 2003

They had SPolf. The Spamettes were there, too. And you could even slam a can of SPAM.

All of the following events took place Saturday as part of the SPAM Museum's Winter Celebration.

Shawn Radford, who manages the museum and is also its archive manager, said more than 700 people came out to the museum for the celebration.

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"There's lots going on today," Radford said. "It's going really, really well. Everyone's really enjoying themselves. It's fun to have something for the kids to do today."

Although the brisk winds and temperatures didn't make for an ideal climate, Radford said the event's staff adjusted well.

"We did move all the games inside," she said. "It was getting a little too windy for SPolf."

The latter was a game in which a person used a makeshift sledgehammer as a putter, moving along a Wiffle ball past such hazards as cans of SPAM, a stuffed SPAM pig and a SPAM quilt that acted as a sand trap.

Other children were lined up at the SPAM Slam site, in which they threw bean bags in hopes of knocking down cans of SPAM off a board.

Adison Medgaarden, 3, of Austin and her 7-year-old sister, Kelsey, took turns and came away with small hats and a race car. Erin Dankert, 6, of Austin, came away with a race car and a cup. She said it wasn't too difficult to win the prizes.

"Because all you have to do is throw a bean bag," she said.

The event also displayed a handful of 5-foot tall "SnowMN" statues, which were designed and painted by community groups, businesses and Minnesota artists, including Susanne Crane, of Austin.

Radford said she's optimistic a similar event will take place again next year.

"I think so. People are really enjoying themselves," she said. "This would be a wonderful annual event."

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