Paramount benefits from students#039; help

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 27, 2003

Saturday night, the historic Paramount Theater was a buzz of warm activity even though outdoor temperatures were below zero.

Eleven Austin High School students had volunteered to be ushers for the performance of the a cappella group Tonic Sol-Fa. Most of students were members of the Austin High School Concert Choir. The Paramount supplied each worker with a red usher vest.

Senior Jennifer McIntosh had put a notice on the choir room

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board that volunteers were needed for this night.

"All these wonderful people showed up. The kids that volunteered got to see the performance for free. We all wanted to see Tonic Sol-Fa. I have all their CD's," McIntosh said.

There were only two male volunteers from the concert choir and they were Nate Moser and Nick Adams. Moser had helped Tonic Sol-Fa set up and unload their light system. Adams was excited for the evening performance and expounded on the Paramount.

"It looks great here. This is going to be a fun night," Adams said.

The students had all met the members of Tonic Sol-Fa before they performed and they were visibly excited. Many were volunteering at the Paramount for the first time. Megan Anderson has been a volunteer at the Paramount since it first began having performances on its refurbished stage three years ago. She is the Paramount manager.

She and first-time volunteer Molly Thatcher were in charge of selling popcorn.

"I like helping out at the Paramount. I take reservations and give out information to callers on what we have booked. It is fun to see how the Paramount has been restored. It has come so far even in the last year," Anderson said.

"I remember when they started to gut this place. It was so gross and now it is so amazing," McIntosh said.

"I'm glad I volunteered. It's a good opportunity to come to the Paramount and see a great concert," Thatcher said.