Jaycees event was important

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 4, 2003

Each year about 1 million children are reported missing, according the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

With the reports this past year about missing children and even the recent kidnapping of a St. Cloud-area baby boy, parents have every right to be concerned about the safety of their own children.

That's why the Austin Jaycees Kid Care ID event Saturday was so important. Parents could bring their children to Oak Park Mall to get a free form of identification. A current head and shoulders shot and information that will help law enforcement find their child in case he or she were reported missing was included.

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Missing children have a better chance of being found if parents maintain a current photo and information of their child, according to the Austin Jaycees.

Kid Care ID is part of a national program sponsored by Polaroid and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children called Project KidCare.

The program is intended to increase awareness about the issue of missing and exploited children and educate parents and children about staying safe, according to the Polaroid Web site.

We thank the Austin Jaycees for realizing the importance of this program for our area. Those who participated Saturday have been able to make their children safer in case of an emergency.

Although the photo identification doesn't guarantee a child will be found if reported missing, it will make it easier for authorities to find that child than if he or she did not have identification.

And it may help parents rest easier at night knowing they have a detailed way to identify their child in case something unfortunate were to happen.