#039;Web#039; to weave a Paramount mystery

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 1, 2002

Tonight's opening of Agatha Christie's "Spider's Web" will be a night of firsts.

It's Stan Stutzman's first time directing a play.

It's the first time a local adult theater group has performed in the Paramount Theatre since its renovation.

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It's also the first time the cast members have performed in the theatre.

Despite the firsts, the majority of the 11-member cast have been performing most of their lives.

"Spider's Web" is a mystery play, which follows a classic plot in which a group of people are in a house and someone in the group is murdered. The play then revolves around finding out "who done it."

"A lot of people have a motive to do it," Stuztman said.

The play was written by Christie in the 1950s. Stuztman is an avid reader of mystery novels and thought Austin residents would also enjoy the genre.

"I think there's some pretty funny lines," Stuztman said. "That's another thing, I thought let's do something fun."

Kirsten Lindbloom plays Mildred Peake, the house's gardener. Lindbloom said she is the comic relief in the play.

"I think she's very smart," Lindbloom said of her character. "She's smart. She's sharp, on the ball, but it may not always seem that way."

SaraJane Olson, who plays Clarrisa, said she thinks the audience will enjoy the play.

"I think they'll have fun. The 'who done it' aspect is intriguing," Olson said.

David Dalquist, who plays Clarrissa's guardian Sir Rowland, thinks the audience will have fun.

"I just think they'll enjoy finding out who done it," Dalquist said.

James Douglass, who plays Jeremy Warrender, said the location also will make it enjoyable for the audience.

The cast and Stuztman have enjoyed rehearsing the play. Stuztman expected the directing experience to be less fun than it was.

"It's been a joy that I didn't expect. I've had so much fun," he said.

"Spider's Web" opens 7:30 p.m. tonight at the Paramount. It also will be performed at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets can be purchases at Black Barts/Nemitz's, the Paramount Box Office or by calling (507) 434-0934. Tickets are $8 for evening performances and $5 for the matinee.

Cari Quam can be reached at 434-2235 or by e-mail at cari.quam@austindailyherald.com