Groups benefit community

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 28, 2002

The slew of neighborhood watch meetings this past week seem to be evidence of a growing trend in Austin. Since June, neighborhood watch groups have had a stronger presence in those areas and in Austin.

The residents on 12th Street NW say their groups helped to cause whom they called "skinheads" to move out of the neighborhood. Other residents in that neighborhood have decided to form a group for the whole northwest area.

Residents at Bremerton Apartments are considering forming one and have implemented some plans to try to control crime in their apartment complex.

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We commend those and other neighborhoods with watch groups for taking the initiative to try to prevent crime. When residents know more of what has been happening in their neighborhood, they will be more aware of suspicious behavior and report it to the police.

Watching out for neighbors is nothing new. Residents probably do some of the same things watch groups do, but haven't formally organized.

However, with a larger organization of neighbors, residents can find out about areas that are farther away from their block, but places they or their children walk to.

Current and forming neighborhood watch groups also need to remain organized even after crime seems to have dropped off.

We hope residents continue to invest their time and energy into these groups because every watchful eye helps.