School nearing completion

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Construction of the Grand Meadow monolithic dome school is coming close to completion.

After nearly a year and a half of construction, the $12.3 million school is slated to be finished in the next month so students and teachers can move in from Oct. 14-18.

"We're right on schedule for that date … and for the most part, that's always been our expected completion date. At one time, we hoped to be done by the start of school, but delays pushed that back," Superintendent Bruce Klaehn says.

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Most of the major construction projects are finished, leaving just some loose ends to be tied. "We'll hopefully start the heating and cooling equipment by Sept. 1. (This) week, we'll start installing the cooking equipment. We'll be pouring sidewalks and doing some landscape work." Workers at the school also are in the final stages of painting, laying down tile and carpet.

Until they can move into the new school, teachers and students will remain at the old school and "try to maintain as much normalcy as possible," says Klaehn.

Students will help teachers and administrators begin moving to the new school on Oct. 11 and will then have a week off while the move-in project is finished. Then, on Oct. 21, Klaehn says "we'll have an assembly … and we'll start enjoying our new school as soon as possible."

As for the old school, Klaehn says the school board has agreed to have the oldest parts of the building demolished, but the newer part of the structure, which was built in the '70s will be up for sale. "We've already had some interest in that already," says Klaehn.

For the moment though, the district's eyes are focused on the new school. "There's a lot of excitement and anticipation," he says. "It will be a busy and hectic fall."

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