Lyle School needs new construction

Published 12:00 am Saturday, August 24, 2002

The Lyle School Board decided Tuesday that the best construction project for the school and the town would be an plan at an estimated cost of $11.1 million.

They will seek a 25-year bond from the voters Nov. 5 and plan to spend a lot of time letting Lyle residents know how the plan will benefits students, teachers and Lyle as a whole.

Lyle Public School need these renovations. The oldest part of the school is not handicap-accessible. The media room needs more technology and the students will get that technology with the new media center.

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The other plan would have cost about $1.2 million less, but would only renovate --not replace -- the elementary wing. Sometimes maintenance on a renovated building will cost more in the long run. With this plan, students and teachers will be able to work with all new equipment.

School board members say the actual cost of construction won't be as high as $11.1 million. The voters need to know how much less to be able to make an educated decision on this referendum.

The school has attracted more students in recent years and the school needs to keep its enrollment up. Otherwise Lyle kids may have to attend school in another town.

Lyle Schools needs to make sure it lets voters know how important this school is to this town. And voters need to show their support in November.